A Photo a Day – Day 20

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Lewis and the silver bullet

The stallion, the legend, The Silver Bullet. This proud beast and its wrangler have taken me across Moreton Island and now too across the farm. Where will the next adventure be? I’m hoping the moon…

The gear I used:

Snappy Cam and The Last Samurai


Lewis and the Silver Bullet


The farm in Dorrigo


I was obliged to recognise the chauffeur I had on the farm while  I was there, also I wanted to see how aperture and shutter speed would react with the lights.


24mm – ISO 400 – f/11 – 1/100

This was a rushed shot with Snappy Cam and the Last Samurai. Looking back up the hill Lewis was positioned nicely to get a decent shot. I upped the f/ and sped up the shutter so that the lights wouldn’t blow out completely but also had to up the ISO so that you could make out the details. This photo was much later in the afternoon than it looks.

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