A Photo a Day – Day 35

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Smoke waterfall on black

My list of things I hate from this little venture continues to grow… smoke has landed.

The gear I used:

Snappy Cam and The Last Samurai

Post-It notes

A little stand (to hold the Post-It notes while I set them on fire

A black piece of cardboard (background)


Smoke from a burning Post-It note


My bedroom (sauciest yet)


I’ve seen some cool photos of smoke getting around and wanted to try it but the other day I stumbled on a YouTube video about how to make smoke waterfalls. So out came the camera and on with the frustration!


24mm – ISO 400 – f/11 – 1/100

So, this was frustrating. So very, very frustrating. The most annoying part was the focus, auto focus didn’t work and neither did manual focus, it was mainly a case of working that focus ring for roughly a million shots.

Setup wise it was straight forward though. Just a black bit of cardboard as the background and the burning Post-Its in front of it, the smoke made cool patterns and this was the closest I can to getting a good image of it.

I needed the high ISO to compensate for the faster shutter and higher f/, both of which were required to freeze motion and focus on enough of the smoke to make it look like smoke…

It was a process and a half put it that way.

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