A Photo a Day – Day 36

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Steel wool circle with magnesium/strontium mix

The gear I used:

Snappy Cam and The Last Samurai

The Only Stable Man in my Life


A metal whisk

Some steel wool (the finer the grade the better)

Some magnesium/strontium mix from a boat flare

A piece of string to spin it all on


Shreko spinning a whisk full of burning steel wool with magnesium/strontium painstakingly scraped out of a boat flare.


Our backyard


So this was a failure as the idea was to get the flung spark to turn red. The idea was to use strontium to colour everything a rich red colour but it unfortunately didn’t work. On the plus side the magnesium sparks look really cool and the photo overall turned out pretty nicely.


24mm – ISO 100 – f/11 – 3 seconds

Same as all the other spark photos but this one had magnesium/strontium mix that we scraped out of a boat emergency flare added to the whisk mix. The photo turned out cool but it’s definitely not work the boat flare scraping effort to reproduce it again. I guess that means it’s technically limited edition though!


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