A Photo a Day – Day 37

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Green flames in a ramekin

Coloured flame, inexplicably difficult to do considering how easy it SHOULD be…

The gear I used:

Snappy Cam and his Trusty Sidekick

A ramekin

Cotton Balls

Methylated spirits

Boric Acid


Green flames


Our front porch


I’ve been trying to colour flame for a while now, there are a few reasons but the main one is that I’m trying to colour the steel wool sparks. So far this has been wildly unsuccessful but I did manage to get green flames. This opens up a significant amount of other possibilities so I’m not too put out by the lack of green sparks.


55mm – ISO 800 – f/5.6 – 1/100

Basically, just took a photo of the flames…

The higher ISO was so that I could maintain a relatively quick shutter speed to freeze the flames. They flicker faster than I gave them credit for. Other than that it was a pretty standard shot, nothing special.

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