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If you’ve found your way to this page then you’re either curious to learn more about me, a friend or family member that feels like they should probably know me a little better, or just horribly lost. The three categories are by no means mutually exclusive.

It’s difficult to know where to start so let’s get the basics down and then later I’ll get into why I’ve just taken up photography. My name is Blake and I’m a 20-something year old mechanic. I grew up in a small town, moved to the big city to start uni… left uni… started a trade… want to leave the trade…

I’m two qualifications and 7 years of after-school study in and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Here you can see me majestically contemplating the future…

If I had to guess at how people would describe me it would be something along the lines of violently temperamental, short fused and impulsive as all hell.

But I can seem like a nice guy before you get to know me…

I guess the positive things people would say about me (or at least that I would anyway) are that I love to laugh and have a good sense of humour. I learn quickly and I’m fiercely loyal to the people I’m close to.  This is all sounding very eHarmony-esque I know but bear with me.

About 9 months ago I lost 30 kilos (66 lbs for the imperial readers) and rewarded myself with a scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I’d always wanted to try scuba diving but have been the fat kid my whole life and therefore super body conscious. The trip was a way to experience something I’ve always wanted to try as well as celebrate no longer feeling like a prisoner in my pudgy body.

I love scuba diving.

The smile is most likely because of the lasting life-bond I’ve just formed with a sea turtle…

The only problem I was finding was that words really don’t do any of it justice. Its impossible to tell all my friends and my family just how phenomenal it is down there.

You have to show people.

Either by taking them underwater with you or showing them photos or video of what you can see you have to show them. The former was a failure, no matter who I asked no-one seemed keen to get in the water with me. Whether this was the water or me I don’t know but it was immediately clear that none of my friends or family wanted anything to do with this incredible underwater world I’d just discovered.

The second option was to take photos.

I want to make this next part clear because I think it’s important to understanding how I’m approaching the whole journey to taking good photos.

I have NEVER had an interest in photography.

I’ve never had any interest in cameras or photos or just any of it. It was only once there was something that I desperately wanted to capture images of that I started considering it. I began with the GoPro and got some great stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the GoPro is great, fantastic even. But it’s not enough. It doesn’t achieve what I so desperately want to: showing people what I see when I’m under water. It gets close don’t get me wrong, but it’s not close enough.

Fast forward to a week ago, I just bought a Nikon D3400 and I’ve committed to the idea of taking photos underwater. I still can’t afford an underwater housing and I don’t know anything about taking good photos so I’m going to knock those two birds right out of the sky with the one damn stone.

Until I can afford the underwater housing, I’m going to learn how to take great photos above the water. That’s what this blog is about and why I’m here.

I’m learning, from scratch, how to capture light, and as many mishaps as there have been along the way thus far, I’ll be very surprised if there aren’t many, many more to come.

Should be a laugh anyway.


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